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Company Liquidation

Company Liquidation is the process of dismissal of business of a particular company and as such the process requires a qualified approach. There could be many reason pertaining to it, like if the company does not have enough liquid funds to carry on the routine transactions within the company, or if the supporters or beneficiaries are not getting paid on time or if the company is facing any legal issue. During the Liquidation process, you are required to be in constant touch with the respective government and regulatory authorities and agencies, therefore, it is impossible for an individual to carry out all such formalities.

MMC endeavours the responsibility of handling all the formalities that goes with the termination of your business in free zone and offshore companies. But before commencing up the process, it is required that the company clears all the bill related issues, retrieve all the relevant documents from the government, close the bank account, prepare the final audit and cancel the visas. Thus, it can be said, that liquidation of the company can be a very complex process and is bound to take a lot of time. But, all this can be made easy by relying on the service provided by our company. Our services include coming up with a solution and advising you on the time, costs and risks that might be prevalent in the said process. During the whole process we liaison between you and the government authorities to work on finding an easy and mutually acceptable exit strategy.

At MMC, our work of handling liquidation procedure would cause less hassles without causing any disruption in your routine work. All arrangements will be dealt within our firm including clearance of departmental certificates, handling bank related issues, labour and immigration clearance and other requirements procuring with the procedure. All you need to do is send us your company legal documents and having gone through to it, our expert team will advise you accordingly.

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