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Internal Audit

With dearth of the resources and rapid changing in financial upheavals, has impel many decision makers to take an in depth look at the internal control and organisation's compliance framework so as to gain operational efficiency. Plus, the growing need to provide value adding support to managements across all areas of operation like Information Technology, Purchase-to- Pay process, Order-to- Cash process, regulatory compliance, etc; all these challenges and other financial turmoil has driven many business houses to consider and look for strategic partners to support their Internal Audit requirements that imparts more values than mere cling to the compliance.

Company having Internal Audit department or Internal Auditors built the good image in the eye of bankers, investors, money lenders etc.

Why Internal Audit?

  • Reduce or cease the misuse of resources
  • Helps an organisation to take better decision
  • Bring systematic and disciplinary approach in working
  • Makes organisation process dependent, not person dependent
  • Identifies the redundancies
  • Serves as an early warning alarm
  • Increases internal accountability
  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness of the processes.
  • Indicator for whether control or operational procedure are properly in line with organisation objectives

  • Internal Audit has scope may be tremendous on

  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Banking (Finance)
  • Wages and Compensation
  • Risk Management
  • Employees Performances
  • Business Process
  • Information Technology

  • Our firm has a substantial experience in providing Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, Internal Audit and other advisory services to multitude of clients across different organisations of all industries and sizes comprising various clients from the Real Estate & Construction business, Financial Services, Traders, Hospitality, Manufacturers and the Retail service lines. Our expert professionals take a risk-based approach while performing Internal Audit to help the clients improvise the performances and efficiency of the various management operations by transforms a traditionally tactile and reactive function to a more strategic one that impacts financial effectiveness & regulatory compliance, drives operational excellence and pro-actively manages risks.

    Our Internal Auditing activities involve identification of the grey area in the company by thorough analysis of the business processes through a proper systematic methodology and immediately alert the company about the causes of that grey area. Besides alarming the organisation, we also suggest the necessary requisite solution and help an organisation in making the system that improves the inbuilt system of the organisation.

    We advise organizations on how to better achieve their objectives and strengthen their financial position. The timely recommendations and the actions taken based on that, always has let many our clients saving lot of cash flow and this is one of our vital value added service to our clients.

    Our Internal Audit Services includes

  • Review of existing policies, procedures, controls and forms
  • Audit of internal controls and systems
  • Review and testing of the effectiveness of the regulatory compliance procedures
  • Verification of transactions
  • Assessing whether the internal audit function is delivering effectively to stakeholders
  • Providing internal audit resourcing solutions, including full outsourcing or complementing in-house functions with specialist skills or geographical coverage
  • Helps in making right decision
  • Evolution of existing system

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