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Business and Financial Advisory

We, keeping in mind that all businesses whether large or small require sound financial management and control system in place, offer the below stated consulting services and financial advice to the budding as well as existing companies varying in sizes. The market intelligence based consultancy given by us provides a distinctive support to our clients, helping them in strategic planning and operative decision making.

The financial management consultancy offered by us includes

  • Financial management consultancy
  • Operation management consultancy
  • Internal & external financial re-construction
  • Fund management
  • Guidance on Working Capital Management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Revival of Sick Business Units
  • Implementation of Cost Control and Cost Reduction Policies
  • Guidance for Price Fixation

  • Our strategic financial management helps

  • Review of capital structuring
  • Advice on financial structure of new ventures
  • Advice working capital requirements
  • Capital investment Analysis
  • Analyze and evaluate profitability, operating performance

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